Section 355 Management Committee Contact Details

Public Hall Management Committees

Bidgeemia Hall Committee

Contact:  Randall Holland                  Ph:                                          Email:

Milbrulong Hall Committee

Contact:  Anthony Driscoll                 Ph:                                          Email:

Pleasant Hills Hall Committee

Contact:   Peter Sharp                        Ph: 0428 828 003                Email:

Contact:   Narelle Morey                    Ph: 0458 296 420                Email:

The Rock Hall Committee

Contact:   Laurie Thiele                      Ph: 0488 996186

Contact:   Nancy Smith                       Ph: 0427 692020                              

Yerong Creek Hall Committee

Contact:  Narelle McRorie                  Ph: 0438 203 727                Email:

Contact:  Libby Webb                         Ph: 0269 203 590                Email:


Recreation Ground Management Committees

Lockhart Recreation Ground Committee

Contact:   John Fox                             Ph 0447239216                   Email:

Lockhart Showground & Racecourse Management Committee

Contact: Clinton Trevaskis                 Ph:                                          Email: 

Osborne Recreation Ground Committee

Contact: Mandy Bowyer                     Ph: 0427 205 529                Email:

Pleasant Hills Recreation Ground Committee

Contact: Warren Lieschke                 Ph:                                          Email:

The Rock Recreation Ground Management Committee

Contact: Petrina O’Connor                Ph: 0408 264 729              Email:

Contact: Gail Driscoll                          Ph: 0427 203 580      

Tootool Recreation Reserve Committee

Contact:                                             Ph:                                          Email:

Tootool Rest Stop

Contact: Elsie Peschla                         Ph:                                         Email:

Yerong Creek Recreation Ground Committee

Contact:  Ross Edwards                     Ph:                                          Email: