Have you taken a photo you would like to share with Lockhart Shire Council?

Lockhart Shire Council regularly chooses an image from the Visit Lockhart Shire Facebook page to feature on the front cover of our Lockhart Shire Newsletter. We encourage and appreciate people posting images to the Visit Lockhart Shire Facebook page as it assists us to showcase our beautiful Shire to both locals and visitors from all over the world.


  • Photos must be about Lockhart Shire

  • Images must promote positive aspects of Lockhart Shire

  • Images must promote Lockhart Shire’s People, Places and Events – promoting community spirit, health, fun, success, innovation, landscapes and lifestyles


  • To showcase images and promote positive aspects of beautiful Lockhart Shire

  • To promote the Visit Lockhart Shire Facebook page

  • To collate a database of images for use by Lockhart Shire Council to promote Lockhart Shire


  • Just head to the Visit Lockhart Shire Facebook page and post your photo.

  • It would also be great if you tag #visitlockhartshire when posting your photos on Facebook or @visitlockhartshire on Instagram


  • Format: Jpeg

  • Resolution: 300dpi

  • Size: Photos will be printed in the newsletter as 1500mm (wide) x 2100mm (high) - Portrait

Terms and conditions posting photos

  • Photos may feature on the front cover of the Lockhart Shire Newsletter.

  • By providing images to Lockhart Shire Council that show a person or people, the photographer must have signed permission from that person or people in the image for promotion purposes and the image to be shared to third parties including Lockhart Shire Council.

  • Photos must be submitted as 300dpi, 1500x2100 and jpg format to feature.

  • Lockhart Shire Council hold no responsibility for any cropping that may be required of the photographs submitted if they are not supplied in this format.

  • Photographs submitted should not be of an illegal matter.

  • Only photos uploaded through https://www.facebook.com/VisitLockhartShire will be accepted.

  • Images submitted must be the legal property of the person submitting them.

  • By posting your photo you agree to Lockhart Shire Council’s ongoing future use of the submitted images for the purposes of promoting Lockhart Shire’s activities. Images may appear in printed and online media, signage and other promotional and marketing mediums. No royalty or fee will be paid for this use. The images may be cropped and/or altered for these purposes. The entrant indemnifies Lockhart Shire Council against any claim, legal or otherwise, that may arise out of publication of the image.

  • Posting your photo to https://www.facebook.com/VisitLockhartShire means you agree to the above conditions.

  • Each month a photo may be selected for the front cover of the Newsletter by the editor. The editor's decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.