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Grant Writing Assistance

Council is mindful that some community groups do not have the time and/or expertise to complete grant applications and Council wishes to assist these groups by the provision of an experienced Grant Application Writer.

Council has engaged a person who has experience in writing Grant applications and this person is available to assist community groups throughout the Shire who wish to apply for a grant from any sources.

The purpose of the Grant Application Writer is not to seek out sources of Grants for community groups but assist groups once they have decided to apply for a specific grant/s following their own investigations.

Depending on the number of applications received it may be necessary for Council to prioritise the applications with which the Grant Application Writer is able to assist and Council has allocated a specific Budget amount for the project.

Council, community organisation, businesses and residents may be eligible for assistance through State and/or Federal Government Grants. Details relating to grant availability will be advertised in Council Newsletter and on Council website from time to time. 

Procedure for Requesting Grant Writer Assistance

  • Request the services of Council’s Grant Writer in writing (letter / email) including the grant name, proposed project and grant amount being sought.

  • Application form must be completed and returned to Council for review. Relevant information as outlined in the checklist of items including financials, lot numbers, quotations etc must be actioned.

  • Applications are reviewed by Council to ensure grant application suits the criteria etc and sufficient time frame allows for competent application.

  • If successful, applicant contacts Grant Writer. Check list must be actioned for Grant Writer to proceed.

Grant Writer Application Form


Checklist for Action


Useful Apps & Online tools

Current Grants & Funding

Below is a list of grant and funding opportunities which may be of interest to your organisation. To access further information in regards to any of these grants, click on the link provided.

Updated 3 March 2023

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