Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked by ratepayers.

Will it cost anything to make DEFT payments at the Post Office?

No. Payments made at Australia Post are free of charge. 

At which Post Offices can I pay my rates?

You can pay your rates at any Post Office in Australia.

Will it cost anything to use DEFT phone payments?

Only the cost of a local phone call. If using the bank account transfer option, your bank may charge a transaction fee for the debit to your account.

I don't want to call every time to make the payment, I want it to happen automatically. What can I do?

Re-occuring payment can be established by selecting a 're-occuring payment' on your Bpay screen and nominating the date of the payment.

Can I make a payment without my DEFT Payment Slip?

No. When paying at Australia Post you must always present your DEFT payment slip when making payments. When paying by phone you will need to enter both your DEFT reference number and your personal security code, unless paying by credit card. You must also include your payment slip when making payments by mail. You will be issued with a receipt number when paying at Australia Post, or quoted a receipt number when payments are made via the telephone. You must keep a record of these receipts as proof of payment.

How do I apply for a Pensioner Rate Reduction? 

Persons who become eligible pensioners after the date of their first notice for the year are entitled to a reduction proportionate to the number of whole quarterly periods remaining in the rating year. Application forms are available from Council, or click "here"

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