The Lockhart Cemetery

The Lockhart Cemetery is located approximately 1 kilometre from the town centre on the Eastern side of town in Cemetery Road, off Lockhart Collingullie Road.

In the monumental section of the cemetery, well-maintained pathways separate religious denominations. With the introduction of the lawn cemetery the number of interments in the monumental section has reduced but is still used regularly.

The gentle, rural aspect of the lawn cemetery has proven to be popular within the community for the interment of loved ones. The uniformity of the plaques along with the neatness and colours of the plants and shrubs makes this area a special place to visit and one of quiet contemplation. The incorporation of two columbarium walls and rose garden gives the community a varied choice of resting place.

Click on the links below and you will find a list of plaque inscriptions in the Lawn and Monumental Sections of Lockhart Cemetery.



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