Animals and Pets

Pets are a popular addition to many households throughout the Shire and there are plenty of good reasons to own pets, including the related social and health benefits as well as the companionship they provide.

Pet ownership comes with many responsibilities and it is important you understand how to care for your pet correctly to ensure it stays safe, healthy and does not become a nuisance to other residents.

The Office of Local Government has information about various Acts related to Companion Animals

Office of Local Government Website | Companion Animals Act | Impounding Act


Companions Animal Register

Control and registration of dogs and cats

The Companion Animals Act 1998 and the Companion Animals Regulation 2008 provide for the identification and registration of dogs and cat...

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Impound Fees

Domestic and stock animals including cattle, sheep, horses and goats must be kept under control to ensure they do not cause damage to property or endanger life if straying along roadsides.

The effective control is the responsibility of ...

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