e-Planning for NSW

ePlanning is the use of technology in the delivery of planning and development services, such as the online lodgement and tracking of applications, viewing planning information on a web based interactive map and providing new ways for stakeholders to engage with the planning process.

The NSW Planning Portal has some helpful tools and services, including those detailed below, to assist you with your development plans.

ePlanning for Exempt Development

Low impact development, such as fences, barbeques, driveways and sheds, are often classified as  exempt development and do not require any further planning or building approvals. 

Use the interactive guides to explore what alterations you can make without the need for these consents, as well as understanding any restrictions that may apply.

Property Search

The Property Search tool provides public access to detailed property information your, or any, selected property. It enables users to search, navigate and view their property map layers, and identify key planning features, including Lot details, building zones and restrictions for development. Simply type in your address into the search bar, and the search tool will do the rest.