Building & Development

Welcome to Lockhart Shire Council's Building and Development Section.

On this page, and under the 'Development' heading of this site, you will find some handy resources to assist you with your planning enquiries, as well as forms and guides for your proposed or current development.

Did you know that some minor works may be exempt for the requirement for Development Consent? Such works can include installation of BBQs, mailboxes, driveways, and some garden sheds and building alterations.

To find out if your proposed development is 'exempt' development, use Council's e-Planning tools located under the 'Development' Section of this website. Alternatively, contact the Council Office for further assistance.

If you are planning any major building works, including for a retail outlet, swimming pool, subdivision or dwelling, you will require development consent from Council. To gain consent, you will be required to apply for a development application (DA).

The Development Application process in NSW can be tricky and overwhelming, so the NSW Department of Planning and Environment have provided a guide to assist you.

Development Applications

An applicant wishing to undertake any building work needs to lodge a Development Application (DA) with Council. Council has developed our own Development Application Guide to further assist you with your application, and help provide detailed, sufficient applications. A copy of the guide is available here.

At minimum, Council requires a Development Application to include the following information:

1.       At least three (3) copies of plans showing the size and uses of any building or rooms. PLANS MUST BE DRAWN TO AN ACCEPTABLE STANDARD AND TO SCALE (1:100)

2.       Two (2) copies of the specifications, describing the constructions and materials of which the structure is to be built.

3.       Three (3) copies of the site plan showing the location of the proposed structure in relation to all boundaries and other structures on the site (Scale 1:500 or 1:200)

4.       BASIX Certificate

5.       For any development other than residential, additional information as indicated on the development application form is required.

Building & Development Forms

The following forms are available for download to assist those wishing to apply for development consent, or to gain further information relating to your property.

The Application for Development/Construction is the main form that you will require. It allows you to apply for consent to develop, build, subdivide, or undertake associated works activities (connect to sewer, stormwater, install a wood heater etc.).

A Statement of Environmental Effects must accompany every application, and it used to provide greater detail on your proposed works, and the implications that may result. Please complete a Statement of Environmental Effects form and return it to Council with your Development/Construction application form.


If additional information is required please contact the Environmental Services Department at the Council office.

Pre-lodgement Appointments

It is highly recommended that, prior to lodging your development application, you book an appointment with Council's Environmental Services team.

Pre-lodgement appointments are a great way to go through your application with Council's staff, and can speed up the application process by ensuring that all supporting information is supplied together at the time of lodgement.

To book a pre-lodgement meeting, contact Council's Environmental Services team during normal business hours on (02) 6920 5305.

Development Application Tracker

Council's planning staff are required to assess your application, to ensure responsible development within the shire. Development Application tracking (DA Tracking) is a free service providing fast, convenient access to DA status and information, 24/7.   Use the Development Application Tracker to track the progress of your DA.