12 September 2014

Tragic Deaths in Lockhart
Counselling Services Available

In the aftermath of the tragic deaths of the Hunt family, Council appreciates and understands the strong need for counselling services being made available for members of the community.

Lockhart is a close knit community and Council wishes to offer all the support it can to those community members affected by this dreadful loss.  We all need to stick together and support each other through this trying period.

The whole community is devastated by this heartbreaking event and we offer our sincere condolences to family members and friends of the Hunt family.  Our hearts are with you in this difficult time.

Council has made a commitment to support counselling services and to provide facilities at our office for those members of the community who wish to avail themselves of those services.  Counsellors will arrange for the consultations to be conducted at a location of your choosing.

A current listing of counselling services is available below this Media Release and we encourage the public to utilise them if the need arises.


Cr Peter Yates

Rod Shaw